A Heartfelt Thank You

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SIS Fam,

I want to take this opportunity to say thank you to all of the Kickstarter backers, friends, family, cast, crew, nerds, sponsors, partners, and the Las Vegas community for the love and support that has been shown for this little project that could.  You are all "SIS Fam".

Photo Credit: Kate Fehlhaber

Photo Credit: Kate Fehlhaber

I wanted to create a fun project that allowed me to work with friends and bring together the Las Vegas community to make something fun and original that everyone involved would be proud to have been a part of.  I can say that I'm accomplishing that goal.  I, however, can't take full responsibility for that.

This project, Secret Identity Show (SIS) - this beautifully seductive construction of creative collaboration, blood, sweat, tears, and raw unadulterated talent - is to blame.  I choose the word seductive because I fell under SIS's spell as well.

Photo Credit: Kate Fehlhaber

Photo Credit: Kate Fehlhaber

I remember back when I started this thing.  I thought "oh this is a small thing I can do in my free time".  Well 2 years later, here I am with this very big thing and quite a large team of people and I've surrendered most of my time to SIS.  It was a choice that crept up slowly, as it does with those of us who are seduced by our creations, where you simply choose the project over other things.  Then one day this project isn't just a hobby it is a part of who you are.  One day you're doubled over crying or yelling in your car over not being able to find the right croissant for the scene.  You suddenly care a WHOLE HELL OF A LOT about this.  

(Ok no that never happened.  At least I don't think anyone on the team cried or yelled over a croissant, but people cried and yelled over other things that were more or less important.)   

This project is better and beautifully coming to fruition because you cared to the point of catharsis.  Thank you for caring about this so much that it made you emotional in ways you've never been emotional before.

While I was the first to be enchanted by SIS, I know I'm not the only one.  So thank you all for being open to being enchanted.  

Thank you for your financial, emotional, and physical support.  

Thank you for putting on pants on days when normally you wouldn't have to, but you did because you know...Secret Identity Show needed you to put on some f*cking pants!  

Thank you for talking hours on end with me about fictional characters...talking with me so much that one day they became real.  Thank you for making these fictional characters real people.  Thank you for writing.  Thank you for throwing away what you wrote.  Thank you for writing it again. 

Photo Credit: Kate Fehlhaber

Photo Credit: Kate Fehlhaber

Thank you for co-creating this world with me.  Thank you for putting so many miles on your car.  Thank you for driving.  

Thank you for doing things you hated.  Thank you for doing things you LOVED.   

Thank you for letting us use your ___ because it worked for SIS. Thank you for letting us ruin your ___ because it worked for SIS.

Thank you for doing that thing that you had to google in order to figure out how to do because SIS needed you to do it.  

Thank you for filling in that one time when so and so couldn't do such and such.  

Thank you for all of the phone calls you had to make and texts you had to send.  

Thank you for all of the phone calls and texts you answered.

Thank you for writing that article.  Thank you for bringing your camera.  Thank you for filming.  Thank you for taking pictures.  Thank you for jumping in last minute and pulling an all nighter to make sure that it got done to meet the deadline.

Thank you for learning a new skill.  Thank you for learning a new profession.  Thank you for getting slapped, hit, pushed, and pied in the face.  Thank you for helping with the Kickstarter.  Thank you for being there for other members of the SIS fam when life got hard.  Thank you for smiling and laughing and joking when no one else felt like it that one day...trust me, it helped.

Thank you for wearing that damn costume that is SO uncomfortable.   Thank you for showing up every time we needed you to show up.  Thank you for inspiring the rest of the team.  Thank you for always being a problem solver and never the problem that needed to be solved.  

Thank you for living on set with me for 2 weeks.  Thank you for staying up til 7am with me.

Photo Credit: Kate Fehlhaber

Photo Credit: Kate Fehlhaber

Thank you for sticking around late after everyone left to help clean up.  Thank you for getting there early to set up.  Thank you for fighting with me about ____.  It meant you cared and that means so much.  Thank you for working when you were sick.  Thank you for agreeing to be trapped in a room for an hour.  Thank you for rolling with an unexpected 8 hour delay in the day by allowing for Thai food and video games.

Thank you for always feeding us and making sure everyone was well taken care of on set.

Thank you for going to Comic Con.  Thank you for learning about new parts of yourself.

Photo Credit: Kate Fehlhaber

Photo Credit: Kate Fehlhaber

Thank you for all of the times you asked me how I was doing and really meant it.  Thank you for your honesty.  Thank you for letting us use your house, apartment, living room, yard, and space.  

Photo Credit: Kate Fehlhaber

Photo Credit: Kate Fehlhaber

Thank you for joining me in sacrificing money, time, ego, sleep, sustenance, video game time, and sanity to bring this thing into existence.

Thank you SIS fam for growing and evolving with me because SIS demanded it of us.

Thank you for sharing this passion with me.

I'd also like to show my gratitude for the fans of this show.  I've gotten so many heartfelt letters, messages, calls, and general excitement about this show since it's inception and development began 2 years ago.  It means a lot to have someone get enjoyment from the crazy characters and world that you created in your head.

Photo Credit: Kate Fehlhaber

Photo Credit: Kate Fehlhaber

So here we are.  We finally get to unleash this on the world next week and I'm beyond excited.

I hope you giggle, laugh out loud, maybe even cry, or get unreasonably angry.

I hope this show, across all of it's platforms of social media and video, makes you feel something.  

I hope people are moved, changed, and inspired as much as all of us were that created it.

Again, from the bottom of my heart....

Thank you,