Katie Steele

Katie Does Ep. 1: Pumpkin Spice

So I got upset about seasonal goods with my therapist Dr. Quinton. Here's the first video he had me do to express myself. Remember to like, favorite, and share. I'm shy about this stuff so getting validation online will TOTALLY help me feel better. That's why I do this...to feel better.

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"Katie Does" is a part of "Secret Identity Show", which is an interactive transmedia series based online. The series is created by Jillian Austin

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Episode 2: Being Superman LLC

Scarlett Steele moves into the building.  Kal introduces his brother to the rest of the Being Superman LLC team.  Fred explains the complexities of Black ancestry.  Katie Steele drinks heavily. Ben freaks out and Bens all over everyone.  Everyone poops and democracy works!