A Message From Being Superman LLC

My name is Kal Lee and I'm a Superman impersonator in Las Vegas, NV.   This is the Kickstarter video I made with my friends Katie Steele and Ben Malone to fund my web series "Secret Identity Show".  

Watch the first episode here -  http://bit.ly/2ecx9s5
Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/KalLeeSuperman
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/KalLeeSuperman/
Tumblr - http://secretidentityshow.tumblr.com/


Kal Lee - Nathan Ferrier
Katie Steele - Breon Jenay
Ben Malone - Dustin Hall

Producer: Jillian Austin - @VegasDollface
Associate Producer: Matt Weinhaus
Director: Jillian Austin - @VegasDollface
Writers: Jillian Austin - @VegasDollface / Zachariah Gartner / Richard Sherman
Cinematographer: Michael Su - @MichaelSuLV
Editors: Danny Chandia / Hayley Etter
Costumes / Props / Makeup: Alverrie Pinto
Social Media Production Assistant: Rachel Tremblay
On-Set Photographer: Stacey Torma